Maria Montessori Home

“Maria Montessori Home” is about the natural vision on the growth and education of children, the role of parent and educator by discovering the childhood universe, is the place that houses carefully the Montessori principles and ideas .

Our motto is to offer children an environment as simple and natural to learn for themselves, to have the opportunity to be independent and self-discipline, to learn the skills that will help them in everyday life, to develop their creativity and to have harmonious relationships with others. Respect, kindness and understanding the needs are the main drivers that will guide the work with each child.


“Maria Montessori Home” is not about mechanic learning, conformism, notes and competitiveness, is the house where detachment from parents is made in a warm way, where children are seen in their complexity.


Maria Montessori (1870 -1952), Italian physician and educator has created a special method of educating children, Montessori method, and it is set up in schools arround the world wich applies with success this method. She was fascinated by the search for truth about the child and then had the privilege to discover it as it should be natural, calm, interesting, present, vivacious responsible.


She collected observations, educational experiments, conclusions that she gathered in a educational approach that guides us beautifully towards understanding the child.

In Pipera Tunari zone – Voluntari, we prepared a home in a quiet area for our Montessori groups: Toddler 1.5 – 3 years, respectively Children’s Group: 3-6 years.

The fitting is harmonized according to each age-related needs. In every room Montessori materials are prepared for the specific age.

Besides these materials we have opted to add additional material for the transition to be easy. Creative activities are prepared on age levels, both inside and in the garden.

“Maria Montessori Home” is open all year except for public holidays, winter holidays and Easter, respectively and the days associated with them.

Kindergarten Program

Welcoming – Takeover

We, the teachers, cordially greet the children, we exchange some words with the parents about any specifics for the current day. Then we have breakfast with the children.


Group of multi-ethnic kids jumping together

Breakfast buffet

Varied and balanced daily until 9:00.



Program with specifc Montessori technique

Practical life, sensorial development, math, language, science and culture.



Mess with the whole group.

According to the principle of Liberty, every child can decide freely what and how much to eat.


10 habits for healty kids

The following are help in disposing of meals, cleaning dishes concluding with teeth brushing.

Period Rest / Siesta Sleep


Snack and Workshops


Takeover of children