Nest Group (1,5 – 3 ani) and Shelter Group (3 – 6 ani)

The environment is prepared for each age group with specific materials. They are suitable for the child’s development plan and activities organized through experiments and outdoor games meet the need for movement of children, and curiosity about nature and everyday life.

1.5-3 ani

Nest Group is the place where children can explore safely, can move freely, and this way the learn naturally

Materials and furniture are specially adapted to this age – 1.5-3 years.

The colors are chosen to highlight the idea of a harmonious space and natural materials are to support the development of motility and sensory experiences.

The class is divided into areas of development: life practice (preparation of snacks, arangement and serving meals, plant care, environmental care, washing dishes, washing clothes), movement (pushing materials and carry materials for hand-eye coordination, development of motility  equipment : soldering, sewing, cutting, puzzles), language development (miniature objects, activities for practicing language, art and music).

Children are able to move freely, to choose their own materials willing to work with. It is encouraged the idea of patience and concentration by presentations of the materials, provided to each child. Grace and courtesy are learned by imitation. Nature exploration, play, creative activities are part of every workday.


3-6 ani

Also as in Group Nest, materials and furniture are adapted to the specific needs of this age – 3-6 years.

The class is organized according to the development areas: the area of practical life, sensorial area, language and mathematics.

Children are both individually and in groups. Some group activities we find: riding on the ellipse, circle time, role playing, grace and courtesy lessons.

In working with the materials the children are guided by the educator, encouraged to develop their initiative, analytical spirit, cooperation and creativity. Lunch is served in the community and is an occasion for celebration and socializing.