Pedagogical work is guided by the principles of Maria Montessori: support the development of creativity, critical thinking, helps strengthen self-esteem ( “help me to realize alone”), encourages compassion and care, both for to the others and to the environment .

The environment is ready to support the independence, autonomy and respect for the individual development of each child.The respect and attention prevail in the environment in which children interacts.

Maria Montessori has not resonated with the idea to teach, but its motto has been to teach the children to build a harmonious future by working with them.

Montessori children work individually in class, the idea of competitiveness lacks, cooperation and patience are strengthened by working with the materials given.

Creativity and learning through playing are sustained by the contact with nature, children spending a lot of time exploring also the outside environment of the classroom. Montessori environment help children in the process of discovering their potential. Each child learn from others and through others.

Assistance is provided by gentle teachers, trained in Montessori pedagogy and experienced in the traditional system.